Balsam Camellia Flower Seeds
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A fine and raised nursery is a prerequisite for healthy seedlings. The nursery beds have to be prepared finely by adding farm yard manure oror you can even use home made compost made with kitchen wastes , garden debris etc, but make sure it is old and well decomposed .Grooves of 0.5 cm deep have to be made and seeds sown at 0.5 cm apart . cover with thin layer of soil , keep moist and at a temperature of 15-20 c ( 60-67F) . The seeds generally take 5-7 days to germinate and after 4 weeks the seedlings will reach 4 leaf stage and are ready for transplanting to flower beds or to bigger pots. 

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Once the seedlings are transplanted to beds or pots , fertilizing ( 1g /liter of water ) has to be started 10 days after transplanting . This can be repeated once in 15 days and during rainy season spray 1.5 g Diathane M - 45