Handy 500Metre Rechargeable Flashlight with Accessories (Exclusive Offer)
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Maintenance Free, Long Life Battery High Quality Reflector For A Better Light Beam.

Can Be Used As A Torch As Well As A Table Lamp This is three in one light controller that means it can move to three modes like a normal high beam , a sot beam , and a disco blinking  .

THis contains an integrated 90 mah battery which is rechargeable  .

For the handy use it is provided with a band , a superior car charger and a wall charger .

Estimated usage of product is around 10000 hours .

Only you need to change the battery after 500 hours .

IT is a 500 metre flashlight .


Package contains one led light , a car charger , a 900 mah battery and an wall charger plus box .

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