Reusable Sticky Buddy (removes Unwanted Pet Hair / Dirt From Furniture/Cloth)
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The Sticky Buddy  perfect for quick clean ups on upholstery or fabric and does not leave any sticky residue! This handy pack contains three different sizes of the Sticky Buddy, including a mini Sticky-Buddy, perfect to carry around with you or to put in the car if you’re snacking on the go! The large Sticky Buddy will help you reach places where the messes go but your hands don’t and the regular Sticky Buddy is handy to have around the home, and happy to pick up pet hairs, crumbs, dirt and dust whenever it’s needed. All you have to do is rinse it, dry and it’s ready to use all over again!

  • Cleans most surfaces
  • Best to remove Sweater dirt
  • No need to Wash Costly leather
  • Easily removes hair of pets from clothes
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Little rubber fingers lift the dirt, making it easier to pick up
  • Contains 1 regular sticky buddy, 1 large sticky buddy and 1 mini sticky buddy

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