Stainless Steel Defence Stick With Case - An Essential Home Product
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26 Inches Expandable Branded Baton

* Powerful telescopic baton.
* Compact- At around 8 inches when collapsed.
* Turns into 26" inches approx with the flick of the wrist.
* Great for both offensive and defense techniques you would need to employ in a self defense situation.
* Made of extra hard wrought iron hardened materials with exquisite workmanship.
* No-flake or peel and anti-rust.
* With super hardness, wear-resistance and bright gloss.
* Telescopic and compact design.
* Easy to carry and ready at hand.
* Firm and anti-slip holding rubberized grip.
* Ergonomic design, comfortable to use.
* Easy to use, just a flick of your wrist.
* Comes in a pouch.
* Great protection against aggressors, rapists and vicious dogs.