Tuzech Electronic Car Seat Air Conditioner ( Exclusive- 1Piece)
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Own a Luxury Car , A costly Car , but still feels very itchy and sweat due to Summers , if this is the case , than this is the perfect product for you . Tuzech with its latest technology and with the constant support for exclusive goods and products ; Theimmart.com was the prime factor on its release, hence we have launched this  Car seat air conditioner , which works with your car AC and the best part , you an fit and tie it yourself , you dont need to go to the mechanic to make it fit . It uses a your car 12V Power to work . There are 2 speed modes , high and low . Package contains 1 piece of air cushion . 


Please note : We have limited stock - Delivery Time is 4 Days - Prepaid Orders will Be Given Utmost Priority .


Car seat wind cool cushion
1)four fans for one cushion. two cool the hip and two for back.
2)three colour to choose,black-blue,gray,light yellow
3)power,12V cigar
4)how to installations?
it just need to fasten the cushion to your car seat with the belts and insert the power into the cigar and then open the power of the switch and then it works.