Tuzech Foot Filler With Personal Pedi Massager
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Key Features of  Foot Filer With Personal Pedi

  • Personal Pedi Easy to Use Foot Care System

 Foot Filer With Personal Pedi Price:

Personal Pedi Easy To Use Foot Care System Personal Pedi Is The Perfect Solution For Men And Women Struggling With Callused Feet And Hands. With A Waterproof And Easy-To-Use Design, It Features A Mineral Roller That Removes Rough Patches And A Buffing Roller That Leaves Your Skin Massaged And Smooth. - Mineral Roller Loosens And Lifts Even The Most Stubborn Calluses From Hands And Feet. - Buffing Roller Massages Your Skin, Leaving It Beautifully Smooth And Polished. - Convenient Waterproof Design Makes It Perfect For Use Right In The Shower. - Rollers Are Simple To Remove And Can Be Washed Easily With Running Water. Specifications: Power: 3w Rotating Speed: 2500 Rpm Battery: Aa X 2 Operating Time: Max. 50 Mins Material: Abs Accessories: Head X 2 Protector X 1

pecifications of Dizionario Foot Filer With Personal Pedi

Surface Material Glass Sand
Dual-side Surface Yes
Ideal For Women
1 Month Replacement By Brand
1 Pedi, 2Heads, 1Cleaner