Tuzech Multipurpose Gym Ball - Ultralarge - 75 CMS
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  • Perfect companion for yoga exercise and Pilate routines
  • Extra durable PVC material is anti-burst quality, for your total safety
  • It help you build strength, tone your muscles, greatly increase your flexibility and also improve your balance
  • Size of gym ball 70cm
  • Comes with foot pump,If the ball is accidentally punctured while in use it will deflate slowly

Gym Ball is an excellent way to spice up your workout routines. Great both as a physical therapy accessory and a general physical training accessory, the Gym Ball can really bring the strength back into your back.This particular gym ball is designed to resist bursting. The package comes with a foot pump with which you can inflate the ball. The ball is a very versatile training instrument, as it can be used for strength training and to improve hand eye coordination. It doesn't limit itself to a particular age either, the accessory can and is used by members of all age groups.-Comes with a foot pump for inflation. -Great for abdominal, back and aerobic exercises. -Can correct posture. -Suitable for all ages.