Tobi Universal Magical Garment Steamer Iron( Clothes/ Bed Sheets/Curtains)
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Usable Garment Steamer


Removes hair
Sterilize and Removes odour
Ironing of the Garment or bed or curtains
Multifunctional Product
Best in class Portable Steamer with a negligible weight

Best Can be Used On

1. Plush Toys
2. Suits
4.otton Padded Jackets
5.Bed Sheets
6. Curtains
7. Sofa Covers
8. Silk Product

1) Iron and Pressing
2) Removes Dust
3) Sterotype
4) Sterilize
5) Electrostatic Prevention
6) Hand Iron
A. Hole For Water Input         D.Cable                                               G.Hook
B.Ironing Button           E.High Temp Clamp
C.Indicator                      F.Spring

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